A Tool for Sitting

Fall 2018
College students today exist in spaces where the intentions of the university do not align with student needs physically. Modern spaces have been created with the intentions of appeasing the group, the public, and the reputation of the university. The individual student becomes ignored. The challenge is to take back the space for the individual student and provide them with control over their environment and security over their personal space.

My tool for sitting was designed specifically for the Student Activities Center at the University of Texas but more broadly for all newly created university spaces meant for student use and collaboration. My goal was to create efficient and streamlined seating options that can be modified and arranged to accommodate the fast turnover of students in any large, public space.
In the end, I lowered my seat to the ground and expanded its dimensions in order to make a seated floor desk that can be approached from all sides and used with postures such as sitting, squatting, kneeling, or leaning. The shape and fiberglass material of the final design also imply the ability to reconfigure the seating into the desired position which gives the student the power to choose to sit alone or in small groups.